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>FREE< What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy? download book
>FREE< What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy? download book

Mick Inkpen,: What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy?

What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy?


Wibbly Pig and his friends can't decide what to name his new puppy. Everyone has an idea. But no one can agree. Will Wibbly ever find the perfect name? Mick Inkpen, creator of Kipper and many other prizewinning picture books has brought to life a character who has won the hearts of millions of readers the world over and is the star of his own CBeebies cartoon.

In a torrential downpour, former FOXHOUND agent Solid Snake stands on the George Washington Bridge - ready to launch himself to the deck of the U.S.S. Discovery as it passes below. Inside Discovery is a new generation of Metal Gear. But in the next hour, Snake's world explodes. Two years later, a young, unproven agent codenamed Raiden must penetrate the mystery of what went so insanely wrong that night. In a labyrinthine superstructure in New York harbour known as the Big Shell, enemies, allies, secret agents, and double dealers converge. Russian commandos, a cyber Vamp, a long-legged, leather-clad, rifle-bearing beauty named Fortune, a deformed, finely manicured bomber called What Shall We Call Wibbly's Puppy? pdf Fatman, and a mysterious Mister X. Somewhere in the maze, as well, is the President himself - his biometrics coded to a bomb that can take out Manhattan, his loyalties unknown. Now, the rookie Raiden is fighting his way to one discovery after another, including the rebirth of Solid Snake himself and a nightmare organization with a history, a plan, and a terrifying superweapon hidden in plain sight.

Author: Mick Inkpen,
Number of Pages: 32 pages
Published Date: 01 Sep 2011
Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
Publication Country: London, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781444902655
Download Link: Click Here


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